I have discovered how wonderful writing is as a creative outlet. Like, recently discovered this. Growing up, I've always loved reading comic books, but I never really read any other types of books. It wasn't until I graduated high school, when the books were no longer "assigned reading", that I really discovered how fun reading is. I only recently started actually writing seriously, though. I got my start with storytelling by writing backstories for role playing game characters. Or detailed story notes, that players never even got a chance to read, for games that I ran as the Game Master.

Battlefield HTML

I started writing nonfiction, because it seemed like a safer route for me. Battlefield HTML was the first book I wrote, with the intention of actually selling it. From there I wrote a collection of short stories, and now I'm working on my first novel. Of course it's going to be about super heroes, because comic books are still a huge influence on me (both the art, and the writing).

You can check out the books I've released so far, on my author page at Amazon.com. I'm releasing early drafts of my first book, Two Percent Power, a chapter at a time, every week on my Wattpad page: wattpad.com/EvilTwinBrian. For news about what I'm currently working on, sign up for the newsletter below.